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Our shop is located in the Woodland Center, 459 State Road. We are unit 21 - right next to the Frame Center. There’s always plenty of free parking!


 Olive Branch Fair Trade was created to lovingly present foods and handcrafted items from the ancient yet living traditions of Palestine.

Olive Branch Fair Trade

We are dedicated to presenting Fair Trade foods and crafts from Palestine. As a member of, we also present craftwork from Haiti, India, and various African countries.

What We Do

In addition to being the Martha’s Vineyard purveyor of Canaan Fair Trade products, we search for Palestinian artisans, or Fair Trade groups representing artisans, and provide a new market for their beautiful creations.

How We Started

Several years ago, I subscribed to to receive a quarterly package of fair trade organic olive oil and various small craft items from Palestine, as well as a lovely piece of silver jewelry from artist/founder Katie Miranda. As soon as I tasted the olive oil, I was inspired to apply to become an Interfaith Partner with Canaan Fair Trade and introduce my community to these products. 

Olive Branch Fair Trade Goal

To introduce my community and our visitors to a glimpse of the long, rich, living history and culture of Palestine.


Come Visit Our Showroom

Motivation for Olive Branch

With Olive Branch, I express my support and respect for the Palestinian people in a tangible way. In addition to providing a place to market Palestinian foods, crafts, and artwork; 100 % of profits go to visionary initiatives working for Palestinian well-being now: Land of Canaan Foundation, 1for3, We Are Not Numbers, Visualizing Palestine, Electronic Intifada; to support Palestinian refugees: UNRWA; and for equality and freedom as soon as possible: Combatants for Peace, Parents Circle - Families Forum, and Breaking the Silence.


Regarding olive oil, I’d like to quote Yoly Zentella, PhD:

“In my cocina no other olive oil plays a part and each time I use it, I’m sending an anonymous message to not only olive growers in the West Bank, but all Palestinians living under occupation, ‘ you may not know me, but you are very much a part of my life and of my familia; you have not been erased and could never be forgotten’. ”

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