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Fair Trade


Canaan Fair Trade

Canaan Fair Trade is the first organic olive oil company in the world to be globally certified as Fair Trade. More than 2000 West Bank farm families are members of this collective, which empowers Palestinian rural communities in their millennia old farming traditions. 


Olive Branch Fair Trade is honored to offer incredibly delicious Canaan Fair Trade Olive Oils, Tapenades, Za’atar, Maftoul, and Freekeh. You have to try their divine new product: SWEET OLIVE - ripe olives and honey

At the website, you can not only buy their products individually or by the case , but you can see photos and read essays about various farmers, women’s initiatives, villages, take a virtual tour of their processing plant, and read reports by International Fair Trade regulators. 

We hope you will also visit to learn more about the Palestine Fair Trade Association (PFTA).



Women in Hebron

Women in Hebron is a Palestinian nonprofit fair trade cooperative under the Idna Cooperative Association for Embroidery and Handicrafts. Idna is a mid-sized Palestinian city of around 25,000 people, located to the southwest of Hebron in the West Bank.

   The one hundred and fifty women who produce the items that are sold come from across Hebron district from eight cities and villages. The proceeds from sales provide themselves and their families with additional income that could not otherwise be obtained through part-time employment.



Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA)

Bethlehem Fair Trade Artisans (BFTA) is a non-profit Interfaith Palestinian Non-Governmental Organization established in 2009 and registered by the World Fair Trade Organization in 2012. BFTA provides marketing and technical support, ensures the future of ancient Palestinian traditions, and endorses the global ethics of fair trade and equality. 


“BFTA provides 100 producers (80 family based olive wood workshops…, 16 womens’ cooperatives, and 4 groups of people with special needs) with a sound profit.”


Olive Branch Fair Trade sources many products from BFTA including hand-painted ceramics, hand-carved olive wood kitchen and decorative items,  handmade wool felt made at the interability “Together for Life” workshop, and kuffiyas of various colors, woven in Palestine’s last remaining kuffiya factory.




Sunbula is a Jerusalem based not-for-profit fair trade organization committed to promoting social justice and economic empowerment for the marginalized in Palestine.  They sell products created by 21 groups of Palestinian artisans.



Handmade Palestine

Handmade Palestine showcases the work of more than 20 talented artisans, cooperatives and designers. In addition, Handmade Palestine plants trees at the eco project Mashjar Juthour.  See more at Handmade Palestine.


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